2018 n2c2 Shared-Task and Workshop

How to Participate in the Challenge


Obtaining the data for the n2c2 challenge requires completing a registration on our data portal, which will open April 8, 2019. Data will be released under a Rules of Conduct and Data Use Agreement.

Registration Process

Below are the steps entailed in the registration process. All members of a team must complete all steps before any member's 2019 n2c2 challenge account is activated.

Team Leaders must be faculty members (post-doc, research scientist, or professor). Teams consisting of solo students will not be approved.

  • Visit the DBMI data portal and click Login / Register.
  • Either register (sign up) or log in, depending whether you are a first-time or returning user, following the steps below.
First-time users of the Data Portal Returning Users
  • Click Sign Up tab and use your preferred method to sign up:
    • Facebook (repurposes your existing Facebook email address and password) or
    • Google (repurposes your existing Gmail address and password) or
    • Manual email/password entry (use the email address of your choice and create a new password).
  • Click Log In tab and log in using the method you chose when you signed up.
  • Return to data portal and click Verify Your Email.
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  • Check email for verification and click provided link.
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  • Complete your data portal profile with basic contact information (name, organization/institution, title, full address, and phone number).
  • Update your data portal profile.
  • Navigate to the challenge track in which you are participating (Track 1 , Track 2 , Track 3 , or Track 4 ).
  • Sign the Rules of Conduct (see preview).
  • Sign the Data Use and Confidentiality Agreement (see preview — Track 1 or 2 DUA | Track 3 DUA | Track 4: no DUA or Rules of Conduct required).
  • Join a team by providing the email address that your Team Leader used to register for the portal.
  • Team Leaders (faculty only: post-doc, research scientist, or professor):
    • Click Create Team.
    • Inform your team members which email address you used to register for the data portal so that they can enter it to join your team.
    • When members join your team, they will appear in the Your Team box for you to approve.
    • When your entire team has joined and been approved, click Finalize. This will notify the n2c2 organizers that your team is ready to be activated.