2019 n2c2 Shared-Task and Workshop

Track 4: Novel Data Use


Tentative Timeline

Registration April 8, 2019
Abstract Submission August 15, 2019


The data released for this and past n2c2 challenges can be used for research questions that go beyond what is posed by the challenge organizers. This Track is for participants who want share novel uses of current and past n2c2 data with the community.


Any of the current or past n2c2 data sets can be used. The data must have been obtained through portal.dbmi.hms.harvard.edu/projects/n2c2-nlp/ (formerly i2b2.org/NLP/DataSets) or through the challenges themselves.

Participation requires completing the 2019 n2c2 Track 4 registration process.


Participants are asked to submit a 500-word long abstract describing their methodologies. Abstracts may also have a graphical summary of the proposed architecture. The document should not exceed 2 pages (i.e., 1.5 line spacing, 12pt-font size). The authors of either top performing systems or particularly novel approaches will be invited to present or demonstrate their systems at the workshop. A journal venue will be organized following the workshop.